Cesium – How to show multiple polylines using czml ?

By : https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/issues/3598


Cesium – How to make an InfoBox pop up on demand ?

It’s a bit of a hack, but you can make the info popup display whatever you like by creating a fake entity and setting it as the viewer’s selected entity. For example:


Cesium – How to Improve InfoBox ?

In order to run a script in the infobox, you have to enable scrips to run in the iframe. This is disabled by default for security reasons, in case you don’t know the source of the data populating the infobox.
You can enable scrips with this code:

Also, to get the current value of an entity property, you can use .getValue(viewer.clock.currentTime);


Cesium – How to make an InfoBox pop up on demand ?


Cesium – How to show tooltip in cesium ?


How do I find ElasticSearch path to install plugins?

This is for new ElasticSearch user.

If you have installed elastic search and unable to install plugins, here are the easy steps.

1. Type this command


Locate your home directory ( Look for Settings -> Path -> Home for value )
2. Go to Location (Example on the picture above)

How to test –

Open this URL


If you see this, your plugin is working.

similarly, you can install other plugins –

About BigDesk Plugin phpmind-elasticsearch-bigdesk-plugin

How to test – http://localhost:9200/_plugin/bigdesk/


kopf is a simple web administration tool for elasticsearch written in JavaScript + AngularJS + jQuery + Twitter bootstrap

How to install –

<pre>sudo bin/plugin install https://github.com/lukas-vlcek/bigdesk/archive/master.zip</pre>



How to test –  http://localhost:9200/_plugin/kopf


About  koph 


How to access external data from Kibana Plugin?


To make AJAX call from Kibana Visualization to external web service.

There are two separate headers that are necessary here: access-control-allow-origin and access-control-allow-headers. You’re currently setting access-control-allow-origin but I don’t see anywhere you’re setting access-control-allow-headers.


How to make download file forcefully and securely ?

Warning – Be careful with this script i have modified this just for me but you can use it anyways.


How protect files using php and .htaccess ?


You can secure any file using this script.
It will not allow you to access without username and password.

1st step is to create .htaccess file in a folder which you want to protected.
2nd step is add index.php as shown in example. This will not work as it is but you can modify.