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Create table dynamically using php.


How to make download file forcefully and securely ?

Warning – Be careful with this script i have modified this just for me but you can use it anyways.


How protect files using php and .htaccess ?


You can secure any file using this script.
It will not allow you to access without username and password.

1st step is to create .htaccess file in a folder which you want to protected.
2nd step is add index.php as shown in example. This will not work as it is but you can modify.


How to use PHP to output an mp4 video ?

I want my videos URL to keep hidden from the users while still, they can able to see the video. 

It have 2 parts.

1. PHP code and
2. HTML video Code


How to rotate flight marker towards arrival airport in leaflet ?



First it is important to know how it works –

    1. Check out Leaflet Rotated Marker  plugin

rotationAngle property need a value and this is key. You will have to generate that dynamically based on aircraft position and destination airport.  Function below does the same calculate  and give rotationAngle.

Function in Python

Keep in mind that lat1 and long1 are the aircraft’s position. And lat2, long2 are airport destination where aircraft is heading.


Function in PHP

Function in JavaScript


Export php array to CSV – Download CSV File

Export php array to CSV
CSV (comma-separated values) is the most widely supported format for transferring tabular data. Exporting data in CSV format is very common in web applications. This simple example will help you get started with CSV and PHP. The main goal is to create a simple way to export data from your website or web application into a CSV that can be downloaded by the user.


php how to return all dates between two dates in an array ?


How to enable cross-origin resource sharing using php

I was working on parsing KML data file from different resources which had different urls and Cesiumjs was unable to read/parse, that is how i come to know enabling cross-origin resource sharing.
It is also called CORS. Here is more details .

Following these steps you can enable “CORS”.
1. First check if you have apache module installed, using php.

2. Use command line to check if you have “Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *”

3. If you don’t see this line “Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *” in curl -I output you need to add and enable it in either in PHP file ot .htacces file.

4. Now its time to add code and enable your missing part!

In .htaccess

In PHP file

After that you need to test using

You must see Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *” with headers.


How to check which apache modules are installed using php?

If you don’t have command line access use this code to see which apache modules are installed.

This will show a list like that.
By the way this not my server 🙂

[0] => core
[1] => prefork
[2] => http_core
[3] => mod_so
[4] => mod_auth_basic
[5] => mod_auth_digest
[6] => mod_authn_file
[7] => mod_authn_alias
[8] => mod_authn_anon
[9] => mod_authn_dbm
[10] => mod_authn_default
[11] => mod_authz_host
[12] => mod_authz_user
[13] => mod_authz_owner
[14] => mod_authz_groupfile
[15] => mod_authz_dbm
[16] => mod_authz_default
[17] => util_ldap
[18] => mod_authnz_ldap
[19] => mod_include
[20] => mod_log_config
[21] => mod_logio
[22] => mod_env
[23] => mod_ext_filter
[24] => mod_mime_magic
[25] => mod_expires
[26] => mod_deflate
[27] => mod_headers
[28] => mod_usertrack
[29] => mod_setenvif
[30] => mod_mime
[31] => mod_dav
[32] => mod_status
[33] => mod_autoindex
[34] => mod_info
[35] => mod_dav_fs
[36] => mod_vhost_alias
[37] => mod_negotiation
[38] => mod_dir
[39] => mod_actions
[40] => mod_speling
[41] => mod_userdir
[42] => mod_alias
[43] => mod_substitute
[44] => mod_rewrite
[45] => mod_proxy
[46] => mod_proxy_balancer
[47] => mod_proxy_ftp
[48] => mod_proxy_http
[49] => mod_proxy_ajp
[50] => mod_proxy_connect
[51] => mod_cache
[52] => mod_suexec
[53] => mod_disk_cache


How to Convert Seconds to Minute ?

There are 2 ways to convert Seconds into minute. Its super simple.