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FCKeditor Plugins

FCKeditor Plugins Repository – 2

Dynamic CSS Plugin

Combo plugin


Convert Tab-Stops from Word-Text



Local Storage for values

Sample OnKeyDown Event Capture Plug-in

Content Max Length for editor

Tagging Plugin


Required form elements

ProIframe 1.0 (iFrames support)

Open in new window V2

‘CMS Made Simple’ Content browser/insert link



Template Manager v1.0

iManager V 1.1 released

Cross-browser toggle table borders plugin

Plugin: Image Manager from Wei Zhuo


Flash plugin v2

SpanControl (merge/split cells in rows or cols)

HTML CleanUp Plugin

Plugin: Content length toolbar button

CssEditor plug-in for FCKEditor


FCKeditor Plugins Repository – 1

Installing and adding plugin


To install a new plugin, copy the unzipped plugin to your editor’s plugin directory ‘editor/plugins’ (e.g. for the placeholder plugin the path to its fckplugin.js file would be ‘editor/plugins/placeholder/fckplugin.js’). That’s all!


You can then add the plugin in your custom Configuration File. You can either change the default path, and add it, or use the third paramter to FCKConfig.Plugins.Add to specify the path to the plugin:

Some Useful FCKeditor Plugins you can download from here.

Pali Characters toolbar buttons plugin

Code Syntax Highlight Plugin

Swfobject plugin

Zoom plugin.

Skype status button

LaTeX Equation Plugin

GoogleMaps plugin



Spell Check Plugin for FCKeditor using pspell of PHP

FLV Player Plugin

Image Mapping (interactive areas)

GeSHiPro code highlighter for FCKeditor

Add simple delete to file browser window.

repeat button

MimeTex Editor Plugin

German file for Abbr-Plugin

Runtime toolbar switching: Switchtoolbar plugin

Advanced Fckeditor Ajax File/Image Manager

Inline Language Switcher for FCKeditor




Table Popup window replacement

RichSpecialChar for FCKeditor

Add HTML Code for 2.4

DbLink Plugin for phpnuke

Universal Keyboard for version 2.4

Transparent Plugin

Marquee Plugin

kfm 0.8 – file manager for fckeditor

Insert,Change, Delete Acronym-Title (Mouse-Popup-Text)

MODx site link plugin


Realtime Spellchecker (Firefox 2.0)

AA Inline Style Editor

EasyUpload plugin

Custom Characters plugin

AJAX Save Plugin and CTRL+S save option


CharsCounter (and MaxLength) plugin(VER 2.3 fix)

Custom XML tags support and Locked regions

BiDi support

ServerPreview: process the preview at the server

Formula Editor Plugin

Maximize In Dialog

eZ Publish Integration

Non-breaking Space Plugin

ImageManager Plugin for FCK

Extended nodepath