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How to use Firebug within Google Chrome?

Google Chrome does not support plug-ins, there is Firebug-like too already available built within Google Chrome. That is called “Inspect element” just right click on page anywhere and click on “Inspect element” menu command. It will open a new panel like firebug. It works well for CSS debugging and you can change CSS in real time like firebug but JavaScript debugging is not very good supported.


How to search in google for better results?

Just go to and punch “” followed by:

* “inurl:pdf” for Ebooks in PDF Format
* “inurl:avi|wmv|mpg|nva” for Movies
* “inurl:mp3|ogg|wma” for Audio Files
* “inurl:exe” for executable application
* “inurl:zip|rar|7zip|tar” for RAR, ZIP, 7ZIP or TAR compressed archieve


If your searching for Google Earth in ZIP format, then you must search for “ inurl:zip google earth” (obviously without the quotes)

Similarly if your searching for XYZ video, then it should be something like “ nurl:avi|wmv|mpg|nva XYZ”