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What is difference between setInterval () and setTimeout () ?

setTimeout execute javascript statement AFTER x interval.
For example – setTimeout(“execute_something();”, 2000);
This is execute function execute_something() after 2 seconds.

setInterval execute javascript statement EVERY x interval.
For example – setInterval(“execute_something();”, 2000);
This is execute function execute_something() in every 2 seconds.


How to use Firebug within Google Chrome?

Google Chrome does not support plug-ins, there is Firebug-like too already available built within Google Chrome. That is called “Inspect element” just right click on page anywhere and click on “Inspect element” menu command. It will open a new panel like firebug. It works well for CSS debugging and you can change CSS in real time like firebug but JavaScript debugging is not very good supported.


How to change date formate of twitter field “created_at”?

php coder who is reading twitter API for latest tweets want to change date/ timestamp format which is returned by ‘created_at’ key. Most of the times I use JSON based request. e. i.

These are the fields returned by above request.

Hope fully you understand how json string looks like.

Now it is time to convert date time stamp in more readable format.

Please change the date parameters if you want to play with different date formats.

If you want to use javaScript way to format dates here is very cool function.
Returned by twitter – Wed, 09 Feb 2011 02:44:36 +0000

Returned by this javaScript function, TwitterDateConverter ($object->returns[0]->created_at);
Output will be for Example “14 minutes ago”

See Image Below!


How to auto refresh a page through JavaScript?

Here is the small JavaScript example that tells how you can use setTimeout() to auto refresh page content. You can utilize this script in games site or stock sites or anywhere you can think of.


How to Enable CURL in WAMP?

CURL is not enabled by default in WAMP. Every php programmer have to use CURL to make remote connection.

The steps are as follows :

1) Close WAMP (if running)
2) Navigate to WAMP\bin\php\(your version of php)\
3) edit php.ini
4) Search for curl, uncomment extension=php_curl.dll
5) Navigate to WAMP\bin\Apache\(your version of apache)\bin\
6) edit php.ini
7) Search for curl, uncomment extension=php_curl.dll
8 ) Save both
9) Restart WAMP

That will solve your Curl issues.